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Gimbal Trio / Tripode

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Buy Online 3D Gimbal Trio for Gimbal DSLR Camera

Our line of mini gimbal trio stands are designed specifically to work with your GimbalMart gimbal. We have 2 versions of gimbalmart mini trio, the GS-75 and the GS-150. Both stands come with a removable ball head swivel adapter which allows you to adjust the stand angle when you set your gimbal down on an uneven surface.

Gimbal Trio Gimbal Tripode

The the larger GS-150 is specifically designed to work with the Rage or Rage-S gimbal and is ideal because it has a larger diameter cork base providing a more solid support with the larger diameter handles. The GS-75 is our smaller model and is the perfect solution for those using our smaller handheld gimbals such as the Shift, the GP-PRO or SS wearable gimbal. These high quality stands double as a perfect solution for using them stand alone wth your mirrorless or larger DSLR camera.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

1. Three-axis, stable and anti-vibration
2. Take photos or videos by both of vertical and horizontal direction
3. Countdown for taking photo
4. Face tracking with fast mode and slow mode (App)
5. 360° panorama camera mode (App)
6. Single and multi-personal camera mode
7. Beauty camera function (App)Technical specifications:
1. Bluetooth version: 3.0 /4.0
2. Roll: 330°/pan 360°/tilt 330°
3. Charge voltage: 5V DC
4. Charge time: 4-6`
5. Battery capacity: 4000mAh
6. Work time: 6-10H
7. Connect distance: >10m
8. Compatible: 3.5-6.1-inch cell phone
9. Color: black or green
10. Size: 300*120*30mm
11. Weight: 380g

Basic working modes:
* Panning mode: smart phone is allowed to pan left or right, vertical tilts or rolls are restricted
* Panning and tilting mode: smart phone is allowed to pan left or right and tilt up and down, rolls are restricted
* Lock mode: smartphone stays in its current orientation, all panning, tilting and rolls are restricted
* Vertical shooting mode: smartphone is allowed to pan left or right and roll left or right, tilts are restricted
* Manual pulling lock: after the gimbal has been powered on for 10 seconds, tilt angle can be adjusted manually in the panning mode and lock mode, adjust tilt angle to desired position and wait for 1 second until gimbal registers the new angle

1. Customized app is available
2. Support standard language: Russian, Germany, French, Dutch, English, Spain, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Chinese
Also can supports other customized languages

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